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Hat Clips for the Hunting and Shooting Industry Wild Bills - Hat Clips for Outdoors, Hunting, Shooting
Hat Clips for the Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Industry
Ball hats are an exceptional billboard for anyone ready to market his business or show off an avid interest. Hats get noticed, especially if they are sporting a Wild Bills hat clip. Hat clips . . .
• Add another level of promotion • Low Minimum Orders (as low as 150 pcs)
• Can move from hat to hat • FREE Quotes
• Give normal hats a new look • Logos, Special Art and Custom Designs
• Get your business noticed  
• Offer a more reasonable alternative to expensive designer hats

Wild Bills hats clips are a low-cost advertising tool that can get your business noticed.
• Use them as a promotional item with a subscription.
• Include them in membership packages.                • Delegate them for Pro-Staffers.
• Give them to dealers as a thank you or sign-up gift.
• Use them as give-aways at trade shows or expos.
• Put your logo on them and offer them in your catalog, online store or retail location.
Wild Bills would like to work for you in developing hat clips to help promote, marketing and increase sales related to your business or organization. The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Industries are our passion and we have been involved with them for over 20 years.

Click to see how the process of making a custom hat clips works!
It's easy, it's fast and it's inexpensive!

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